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Start A Local Group

So you’ve heard about Chicks Who Trail but don’t live in Cape Town to join the weekly group run, and are thus relegated to experience it vicariously through our Instagram. Sucks we know!


That’s precisely why we’re launching our Chicks Who Trail DIY local group concept (that’s a mouthful - ugh). We want every woman keen on trail running to get to experience the fun, comradery and gees at a woman’s-only group trail session. By offering a package that guides and supports individual women and community leaders to start their own local CWT in their hood, we are hoping to see little CWT groups popping up all over the country - expanding and diversifying our platform and creating more opportunities for women across South Africa to join in. In short, we’ve come up with a creative module to “make the circle bigger”, and you could be a part of that.


Starting your own CWT local group requires hard work, commitment and sacrifice, as does all volunteer work. You have to keep showing up, with a smile on your face week after week. It really does take a special person, so read through our basic requirements, and if it sounds like you - please click through to a more detailed explanation of what starting, managing and maintaining a local group looks like.

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Basic Requirements


  • Know about Chicks Who Trail and believe our vision, share our goals and dig our vibe.


  • Are passionate about empowering, educating and leading a woman-only community in your area.


  • Are reliable, can think on your feet and are a problem solver. This will be tested, often.


  • Are a trail runner with local trail knowledge, and can think logically if presented with challenges on the trail (lost runners, injured runners).


  • Open to feedback and guidance from HQ, and willing to agree to rules and guidelines and follow protocol.


  • Committed to keeping the group open to all paces, even if it’s not “your” pace.


  • Are a woman.


  • Are genuinely passionate about nurturing a community and encouraging participation.


  • Can do all of the above without receiving financial compensation AKA  - this is a volunteer position.

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