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Training Camps

Ahead of some of South Africa’s favourite local events, CWT will host weekend training camps that help to get you ready for the event. Stay tuned for the 2022 line up. 

Race Tours

There are SO many amazing races in South Africa and CWT has supported two in the past with great success. CWT has taken a group to the Greyton Brew Run three times, as well as a group to the beautiful Whale of Trail. Each year CWT aims to select at least two events to support and travel to in a group - stay tuned on our social for which races we will travel to in 2022.

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Chicks, Cheese, Wine & Beer

The name pretty much describes what this is! Chicks, Cheese, Wine & Beer started as a small, intimate evening of conversation and Q&A’s with special guests. The topic is generally themed around something to do with trail running and aims to educate and inspire. Because we cap it at 50, and have generally huddled around in a small venue, it becomes less of something you watch, and more of something you partake in! As COVID-19 eases up we will look to host more of these again.

No Man's Land Film Festival

CWT has brought the NMLFF to South Africa just once, but what an incredible evening and something we plan on doing again as soon as COVID-19 eases up and sitting in movie theatres is something we can do again. NMLFF is a collection of movies starring female protagonists or that have been directed/produced by females. It aims to provide a platform for woman in sport and film and will leave you inspired and feeling empowered to set off on your next adventure. Holding thumbs we can bring this to SA in 2022.

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Running Retreats

CWT has a reputation for being a hellova lot of fun, especially on our away tours and trips. Running retreats are for those looking for something a little quieter, where boozy nights are replaced with mindfulness, nature immersions and yoga classes. CWT will launch two of these in 2022.


Day Hikes
with Chicks
Who Hike

Join Chicks Who Hike on their next weekend day-hike. All hikes are advertised on our Whatsapp Group. Hikes are led, not 'guided' and range in terms of distance and difficulty. Park/Nature Reserve permits and entrance fees are at your own expense!