"Starting, nurturing and being involved in a women's trail running community in South Africa seems like an extension of who I am personally, and professionally.

From a work point of view, I was my happiest when I had my Saltwater GIRL editor's cap on, empowering teen girls with every page of alternative, off-the-wall, genuine and real content - inspiring individualism, bravery and grooming game-changers and doers, not sheepish followers. So forming a community or group that could grow into something similar, where through trail running, workshops, weekends, races, skills sessions and of course post-all-of-that-beers I could help empower women, bring out their strengths, their independence and awesomeness - well that just makes my heart beat a little faster. 

From a personal point of view, trail running has taught me so much about myself. From how far my body can go before it gives out, how strong my mind is to how beautiful this country is and what I can overcome if I really try. It's empowered me, made me feel stronger, made me feel alive. Discovering like-minded women to trail run with has motivated me to push harder, explore wider and laugh louder. In a sense, finding women who dig their truckers (or any individual styles), want to explore trails without any other agenda than exploring trails and accept my horrific swearing on uphills has been like finding my tribe. 

I want so much to create a platform for other women to experience what I have, to experience the real-life, positive change that comes when you take up trail running. From being healthier, fitter, happier and mentally stronger to the the pure joy that 100% acceptance feels like when you find your tribe. 

The three women in this picture were the catalyst I needed to get off my ass and take the leap; three strong, brave, independent, outdoor hooligans I had the good fortune of hiking Kilimanjaro with. It was remarkable how in just seven days we saw the best of each other, but also the worst and EVERYTHING in between (including rad double chins), and came out of it with a bond that will carry through until we're old and grey and trying to figure out technology. And that is what I want Chicks Who Trail to be for women. I want other women to experience that level of friendship, that sense of adventure and the sweet joy that trail running with radical like-minded women can add to you life! "

Bry, Chicks Who Trail Founder

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