Our Team

Bryony McCormick

“I can’t believe we’ve been going for almost five years now… but as I constantly remind everyone who credits me for starting this - sure, I hung around like an awkward noodle in the parking lot all those years ago wondering if it would flop, dying inside with anxiety and self-doubt, considering just going home and pretending it didn’t happen…and yes, I’ve religiously given time and energy to being present, maintaining authentic and true to our brand values and growing as the community has - but in all honesty - the real reason we’re almost five years old is because of the women who make up CWT. The level of compassion, comradery, kindness and inclusivity I have witnessed as this community has grown and evolved is downright beautiful. I am beyond proud to call these women trail buddies and friends.”

Anahi Kent
 Managing Director &
Head of Cape Town Group


“Moving to SA was difficult. I didn’t not know anyone so I started to join all running groups to make friends and to connect with people through something I love. I’ve also found that running postpartum is hardcore. I’ve been through twice - it’s not easy - and so I love to help others to see there’s always a way to get fit and strong whilst having fun and meeting like minded people. I do it for the love of connecting, sharing, loving.”

Kerry ‘Kez’ Tyack
Managing Director &
Head of Cape Town Group


“I keep coming back to meet more like-minded women, and to explore routes that they may not have been on before. I’ve rekindled friendships, and made incredible new ones along the way!”

Our Volunteers

arelene de abreu.jpeg
Arlene de Abreu
freda theron - on left.jpeg
Freda Theron
Lynne du preez.jpeg
Lynne du Preez
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ruth h.jpeg
michelle koblischke.jpeg
Tash B.jpeg
Margaret Macdonald
Ruth Hattersley
Tash Berkowitz
Mich Koblischke


Want to be on the Chicks Who Trail CREW? Keen to be one of our rotating Group Leaders? Have a sweet skill that you don't mind donating to Chicks Who Trail? 

We're always looking for radical chicks to help us, from designers to writers, organisers, group leaders, pace setters, route setters, beer bringers, vibe creators and everything in between! 

If you have something to offer, please pop us an email with a short description of how you'd like to be involved and we'll get back to you! 

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