Bryony McCormick

Founder, trucker-wearing, beer drinking trail runner


Bryony has been trail running for around six years and has a few cool runs under her belt, from the Himalayan 100miler (a five-day stage), the 100km Skyrun and a bunch of multi-day stage races to a handful of ultras - yet she still remembers her first 12km trail ‘race’ like it was yesterday: road shoes, backpack with water bottles and her trusty trucker.


She started CWT out of desire to share the radical joy that trail running has brought her with like minded women. She’s mom to two fur-creatures, Noo the cat, and Khaya AKA Landseal, her faithful trail companion. 

“The simplicity of putting on your shoes and hitting the trails grounds me, keeps me connected to nature and reminds me that we don’t actually need a hell of a lot to be happy. Trail running is uncomplicated and while it certainly has the ability to bring literal tears to my eyes, or have me question my very existence, it also has the ability to make me feel the happiest I can feel.”

Her favourite trail on the mountain is the upper contour between the Devil’s Peak Saddle and Mowbray Ridge, and post run it’s all about a cold beer and a kick back with her favourite people. Throw in a pizza and she’s in heaven.  She likes all types of weather, and gets as much of a kick out of braving the freezing cold, rain and wind as she does surviving a heat wave!  

Anahi Kent 

The lady behind the CWT Beginner’s Academy

Anahi is a mother of two beautiful kids and wife to Warren, a pretty decent trail runner (and road, but we don’t talk about that) himself! Anahi started trail running years ago, slowly drawn in by the allure of the sport and the stories her hubby brought home from his trail adventures.


She also found it a great way to get her body fit and strong after having her first child. It didn’t take Anahi long to get hooked! She took another short hiatus to have her second kid recently, and is now back at it and hitting the trails every opportunity she has. 

“I love being able to get to remote mountains and trails and to be in absolute silence and awe. Everything just seems to make sense!”

Her favourite routes include Newlands Forest, Chappies and Silvermine, but she also has a soft spot for Table Mountain (up Kloof Corner, running along contour). And her ultimate goal is to run the Hobbit Trail run and several other stage races she has her eye on. She’s a cool-weather runner, and prefers mist over boiling heat. After a trail run she stretches, refuels, relaxes and… takes selfies. 

Anahi will be looking after and running the CWT Beginner’s Academy from June 2018. She’s excited to help get like-minded women on the trail, nurture, support and guide them through their first few trail runs. Why, well that’s easy, to share in the pure joy trail running has brought her! 

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