We Chilled out, women's only hiking group. Catching sunrises and sunsets since 2020. Little sister to Chicks Who Trail. Will hike for baked goods." That's how we first described ourselves on IG and it's pretty much remained unchanged since.


Part of the Chicks Who Trail family, Chicks Who Hike was born out of an attempt to get even more women outdoors and onto trails. We figured trail running isn't necessarily everyone's cuppa tea, but hiking might be. Plus there's literally tea involved. Also, it's actually really lukka to slow down a bit, quite literally smell the (usually poorly) identified flowers, enjoy tea/coffee with a view, and nosh on shared baked goods.


The group does a sunrise hike most Friday mornings, and sometimes sunset hikes on Friday evenings. We also do the odd sporadic weekend day-hike and have successfully done three overnight hikes with groups between 10 and 15.


We have also found that Chicks Who Hike is a great place to start if you're rehabbing an injury, absolutely brand new to trails, postpartum and feel like your insides might literally fall out if you trail run, or are just horribly unfit and not sure where or how to start again. We welcome all levels of fitness, are dog-friendly (social pooches please), and are strictly chicks-only. 

2022 is going to be the year of expanding what our hiking group has to offer - so watch this space.

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Want to join a hike? 

We advertise our hikes on our Instagram page, as well as our Whatsapp Group. Our week-day hikes are based in Cape Town area and start at 06:00 most Fridays. They are free and largely involve hiking somewhere for a tea/coffee/sunrise break. Week-day hikes are led by the unfathomable Anahi Kent. She also leads several weekend day-hikes. If any hike requires a fee/permit, then that's on you.