The Beginner's Academy was born out of a clear need to create a radical, fun but nurturing and all-encompassing beginner's group for women that want to get into trail running but just don't know where the hell to start. 

Head up by Anahi Kent, the group meets on Thursday's with all the other groups, and heads off in their own direction - generally on shorter, more manageable trails and at a VERY gentle pace. 

The idea behind this group is that there is no one too slow, no one too inexperienced and no one that isn't welcome. 

The only rules are that you can't apologise for holding people back, you have to have fun, and you have to be willing to give trail running everything you have. 

Over time, Anahi will support and guide you over kilometres of trail until you're ready to join the social group on slightly longer runs and a quicker pace. 

For more info on joining this group, email  Anahi here. 

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